Sigur Ros - ‘Fjögur píanó’ - Video


Monday 18th June 2012

Yes indeed, Sigur Ros are back, and they do not do things in half measures by any means. The latest video from Director Alma Har'el, starring Shia LeBeouf is a heady concoction, but could just well be the most experimental and thought provoking piece in a long time. All sorts of mystery lay inside.

This video may have already caused controversy, confusion, stress…but it also conjures a beauty usually so inexplicably hard to display. Without wanting to read too deep into this, it appears to be drawing on a never ending cycle of desire, and what emotions can occur through that extreme lust. This is however, an interpretation, and will need another, many watches to solve perhaps. If it is even that difficult. This is a work of art, and art cannot always be explained. What we do know it does is that it  turns an already powerful piece of music into something epic. Job done really.



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