Sing Tank


Wednesday 11th January 2012

The French duo’s sound sparkles like some of the greatest musical partnerships. Nellee Hooper (Massive Attack, Björk, U2, Madonna) and Alan O’Connell (Placebo, Gossip) are two of the band’s idols and have now produced their album, due to be released in early 2012. And the band has served up a delicious sample of their teamwork on a digital EP that is already out.

‘The Party’ thrust the band into the limelight at La Cigale for the Inrocks Festival and is a fixture on Le Mouv radio’s playlist.
More surprisingly, ‘Dicksmith’ takes a naïve-sounding look at darker themes: ‘the darkness in your heart’...

The unpretentious ‘Superstar’ will be one of the album’s highpoints. The band does us proud with this taster of their work!

Lastly, the inevitable ‘Nuthouse’, a firm favourite with fans and responsible for spreading Singtank’s name on the Web, rounds things off like a chorus, a reminder of the band’s quiet force. They’re like The Kinks at home with Colette, Pulp at the Deux Magots or Nick Drake on the banks of the Seine. Two Mods in the metro.

They are Joséphine and Alexandre de la Baume. Sister and brother. They are Singtank.

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