Skinny Girl Diet


Friday 12th December 2014

Grrrl-punk Londoners Skinny Girl Diet formed in 2011, and consist of Delilah Holliday (Guitar and Vocals), Amelia Cutler (Bass and Vocals), Ursula Holliday (Drums and Vocals). Hailed by Viv Albertine from The Slits, who they opened for four years ago, they cite influences as Pixies, Mc5, Pussy Galore and The Breeders.

Their sound is refreshingly raw and free - as DIY as they come, and Riot Grrrl-rivival by nature. Straight up guitar, bass and drums, this is no-frills music, crossing the punk, goth, grunge and rock n roll genres. 

The girls care about delivering messages through their music. Politically and culturally aware, their name alone already makes you think as soon as your hear it; a poke at the unhealthy 'size zero' female body image ingrained in so much of our society. 

Their tune 'Nadine Hurley', which you can hear below, is a tribute to David Lynch's neurotic eye-patch wearing character from Twin Peaks, who, trapped in an unhappy marriage, has a single goal - to make a completely silent drape runner. Delilah also plays a salmon pink Dano-Pro Danelectro guitar, which for those guitar-nerds amongst us, is really, very cool.

Skinny Girl Diet headline a London show at The Shackwell Arms on Sat 13th Dec

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