Monday 12th November 2012

After moving to Paris, her early demoes were picked up by radio stations in Denmark, Belgium and Australia, creating too much of a buzz, without her own consent. In 2007, her music was used in a Stella McCartney show in Paris. Soko played gigs with Daniel Johnston, MIA, Babyshambles, Adam Green, Jeffrey Lewis, Seasick Steve and many others. Her shows are mostly performed without a set list, she hides behind her hair, she prefers minimal lighting, and silence while playing, creating an intimate and personal setting for her to pour herself into. Like many prolific minds she is driven on emotions alone, causing neurosis to only cease while performing. 

“When people ask me what kind of music I do,” says Soko, “I usually tell them - Punk secrets”. Going from intimate, lo-fi, delicate, soft-spoken whispers, to rage filled screams-- Soko takes you on emotional roller coaster causing throat lodged emotions between laughter and sobbing.

The young Frenchwoman’s songs have already touched people around the world, earning her a massive global following. At one mega-gig in Australia, she had 15,000 people singing along with her. From a stockpile of over 100 songs, she has now finally whittled down to a selection of 15, her debut album.

Aptly entitled ‘I Thought I Was An Alien’, it’s full of love and loss and worry and fear of not belonging to this world ­– the kind of fundamental, life-dictating human feelings, which are so far beyond rational explanation. Like one of her heroes, Daniel Johnston, however, Soko has the rare ability to sing openly about those feelings, in a way which is utterly compelling, sometimes devastating, but also, completely uplifting. “Most of what I do is crying on my guitar,” she says.

“Why it took me so long to make my album?” she ponders. “It’s because I’m a control freak. I wanted to feel totally independent in my music. I wouldn’t’ve been able to release anything before I was sure I could produce myself, and I can play every single instrument, except strings and horns, and control every part that’s on the record, and know that I’ve chosen everything myself, or I’ve played it myself, or I made the arrangement for it.”  Soko started out with just her voice, her acoustic guitar, and  her beloved GarageBand.

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