Spring King


Wednesday 22nd January 2014

One winter morning after a sleepless night, young producer Tarek Musa set up a drumkit and a Marshall practice amp in a disused broken bathroom in his home. By the end of that same day, he’d recorded ‘Let’s Ride’ and released it online under the alias Spring King. A buzz started to develop but instead of embracing it, Tarek focused on exploring his newfound inspiration. Over the course of the next three months, his philosophy became one of writing, recording and mixing each song in a day in his ramshackle bathroom studio. Very quickly he amassed an overwhelming amount of tracks and he released a ten track demo tape online entitled ‘In All This Murk And Dirt’. An impressive and stylistically diverse set of songs, they reignited and refuelled the momentum of the release of ‘Let’s Ride’ earlier in the year. Initially, Spring King was a diary entry, a way of capturing a moment, to catalogue the thoughts and feelings of that day. Now, joined by four friends, Tarek feels differently. They’re still recording in the bathroom, but they’re deep into making their debut album proper, a more carefully considered, concentrated effort with a strong sense of pop cohesion throughout. A new single is due out in early 2014.

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