Star Horse


Friday 9th November 2012

Star Horse is a shoegaze/dreampop band from Stockholm, Sweden, consisting of Andreas Ryberg (guitar & vocals), Maja Thunberg (guitar & vocals), Samuel Hemmilä (drums) and Kristian Östberg (bass). The band was formed by Maja and Andreas in early 2011. After a couple of band members joining and dropping out, they finally found Samuel and later Kristian, who both turned out to contribute a great deal to Star Horse's unique sound, with their somewhat different personal taste in music. Whereas the original idea for the band was to make somthing shogazey, Samuel's rhythmic drums and Kristian's melodic bass makes Star Horse's sound lean towards more pop-like variations of shoegaze, reminiscent of 90's indie pop.

In December of 2011 Star Horse made their first release, a self-titled demo consisting of six tracks. They were all surprised at the recognition they received on internet-radios, blogs and random shoegazers all over the world. The song 'Stranger' became an immediate hit, 'How to Fall' was probably the mainstream favourite and 'Knocking' has been in the top ten most listened tracks on Indie Darkroom for many months since then.

As well as re-recording the songs on the demo, the members of Star Horse has since the release been working on and recording new songs and also playing a few live shows in Stockholm. Since the beginning of September the band is on a four month hiatus. Samuel is away in England and Maja in Germany, both of them for studies. Therefore, Star Horse spent as much time as they could in the studio this summer, so that they could release new material when they couldn't play together. In January 2013 when the band is in its complete form again, they are planning on taking over the world, on horse. They are very much looking forward to playing more gigs, maybe even somewhere outside Stockholm too...

 On October 1st they released their first EP Crush, which is the first of a series of three EP's planned to be released in the near future. The title is meant to be the crush of the fall-in-love kind, but could as easily be referring to the, as the blogger Skatterbrain puts it "...beautiful Ida-esque lead (...) being crushed by a tremendous wall of guitars...". The EP is available in its entirety for listening on Soundcloud and Spotify, and you can buy it digitally or order a limited edition pressing of the CD on the band's Bandcamp page.

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