Straight From The Harp


Monday 30th April 2012

The Berlin based Danish duo Straight From The Harp is a crazy cocktail of Electronic krautrock, Twin Peaks inspired soundscapes, 80´s synth hits, haunting blues harmonica and simple 50´s rock n´ roll songwriting.  The result sounds a lot less complicated, in fact it sounds as if it was always there.

Since the release of their debut album Rain Rain Down Down in 2010 the band played numerous concerts in Denmark, Germany and France and supported such fine acts as: The Raveonettes, 22 Pistepirrko, Kira and The Ghost Riders and Under Byen.

Fall 2010 Auditorium released Straight From The Harp's remix album, featuring collaborations with some of the band's favorite artists.

The band will release their second album "I´m On Fire Just For You" in may 2012. Their first single and video GoGoGoGoGo is already out. The band recorded it themselves on an Iphone at Funkhaus Berlin and was inspired by movies by Wong Kar-wai, Hitchcock and Danish Lars von Trier.

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