The Coathangers - Hurricane


Friday 7th October 2011

Flying the riot grrrl punk flag for a new generation, Atlanta's Coathangers released their new album "Larceny & Old Lace" back in June. For those turned off by the thought of another Babes in Toyalnd, Hole, L7, etc, worry not, because this is an altogether more surfed up, garage, rock 'n' roll production, with perfectly under produced drums, twangy reverb guitars, psyched out horror show organs and terrifyingly seductive vocals, sounding like The Like, if The Like went off the rails, got angry, got tats, took some bad acid and started hanging out with the wrong crowd.

To see what we mean check out this video for "Hurricane", which sees the grrrls don surgical masks and hang out with goats.

"Hurricane" along with standout album track "Johnny" appears on a limited edition, hand numbered flexidisc single, due for release via fledgling label X-Ray Recordings on 24th October. As if that wasn't boutique enough to impress your fellow record collecting obsessives, you can point out that far from owing its origins to the free 7" singles taped to the cover of Look-In, the flexidisc was actually conceived as a method to disseminate banned punk and jazz in the Soviet Union, following World War II, utilising old x-rays as raw material. You can have a listen on Soundcloud too, and buy it digitally, in case you don't have flexidisc compatible media player.

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