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Exclusive playlist from the indie heavyweights

Thursday 8th October 2015

Coventry indie heavyweights the Enemy are back with a fourth album, and an exclusive playlist which you can hear below, along with reasons for each track choice.

The Horrors - I See You.
This particular track inspired me a lot at the beginning of making the new record. The way The Horrors have adapted their sound over the years showed me that we could be braver with the direction of the album and the band in general.

Everything Everything - Regret.
This is just an uber cool sound with some undeniable sing along vocals and timeless production. It's my "driving to the studio" song of choice at the moment. Puts me in the perfect mood to go make music.

Borns - Electric Love.
The space on this song really inspired us to think about mixes really carefully. Andy has taken a front seat in overseeing the mixing of this record and wanted a cleaner sound that you can turn up in the car and will still sound fresh and amazing.

Lonely Town - Brandon Flowers.
This is the album of the year for me so far and the production has been a big influence on some of the tracks on the new record. I listen to this song every morning when I first wake up at the moment.

Little Wanderer - Death Cab For Cutie.
I just love this whole album, the vocals are beautifully produced and the guitars are probably the best I've heard on any record ever. This is my favourite track on the record, closely followed by You've Haunted Me All My Life, which is actually literally haunting.

Something Like Happiness - The Maccabees.
Heard this driving home from the studio on radio one and it blew my mind. This is the kind of songwriting and production that breaks new ground. It's brave and it's bold and it inspires me to push to keep evolving The Enemy's sound.

My Number - Foals.
Getting a tempo and a groove right, so it makes you want to move your feet is harder than you might think. It's almost a science, a science that Foals nailed with this track. Any time of day put this track on and try not to move. Bet you end up dancing.

Famous - Charli XCX.
Here's a lesson in how to make a song with huge melodies with guitars at the forefront of the production and yet still sound up to the second current. The song could work on its own but the production is insanely good too.

When I'm Small - Phantogram.
Doesn't get cooler sounding than this. I can hear Eels in there, a bit of Cold War Kids, it's just a stunning piece of music. The bass sound is addictive and subsequently I keep going back to this track for more.

Holy Fire - We Are The Ocean.
Chorus the size of a house. What's not to love. Beautifully produced guitars, heroic vocals, this song makes me drive faster and wish I had a wind machine pointed at me at all times. I just love it. Put it on repeat.

Gold - Jaws
Stunning record and my favourite band at the moment. We toured with these guys recently and they blew me away. They're in the studio making a new record and I can't wait to hear it!

All previous three albums by The Enemy have charted in the Top Ten, with debut album ‘We’ll Live And Die In These Towns’ reaching number 1 and going double platinum. They’ve won numerous awards and headlined many stages across the UK, rapidly selling out venues and gaining a solid live following.

Watch The Enemy's recent video for 'It's Automatic' below.

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