The Glass Children

Electronic duo from London

Thursday 9th July 2015

English electronica act The Glass Children first sprang to life in August of last year when musicians David Fairweather and Daniella Kleovoulou decided to collaborate together. With two singles already released and an EP on the way, the London based duo have been receiving a lot of online attention. Their material has made playlists on a number of different sites and blogs over the last few months, while also earning them a nomination in the “Best UK Act” at the Pure M Awards back in September.


To ensure they stay in the public eye during the lead-up to their forthcoming compilation, the pair have just dropped their third track, “Wrapped in Gold”. It starts with an expectant beat and builds into a very resonant harmony that soon becomes a duet while adopting more of an electronic edge. The synths and percussion pick up to establish a fairly ethereal ambience going into the cutting chorus.

The whole thing moves forward at a steady pace, remaining relatively reserved but strikingly vivid. It’s a cool and calculated effort that doesn’t overplay its electronic elements to the point that they become invasive or distracting. It all ends up feeling a like a fusion of folk and electro-pop, which works well and makes for an enthralling and accessible listen.

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