The Hives - 'Lex Hives'


Tuesday 13th March 2012

Our favourite Swedish Garage Rockers are back. Yes, the hard hitting, heavy riff induced stylings of The Hives shall be returning with their fifth studio album 'Lex Hives' on June 5th. So it looks like this summer will not be an airy fairy, Devendra Banhart inspired whimsical affair of floaty acoustic guitars and soft, sultry voices. No, this will be a Summer of rock!

It has been five years since we last heard from Pelle Almqvist and the gang with 2007's 'The Black and White Album' and the announcement of a new LP has got the music world in a fit of pre-empted excitement. So, what can be expected from this new offering? Well, if you know The Hives, then you know The Hives. That is what you can expect, and if you are indeed a fan of their thrashy fun and wild sound, then you shall not be disappointed.

There is a taster of what to expect however in the form of the single 'Go Right Ahead' which can be listened to here. In celebration of this new audio treat, The Hives will be off on a mini tour along with two Coachella shows. So there we have it, everything you need to know in Black and White. The boys will be pleased.


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