The Minutes


Monday 12th December 2011

The 50's are coming the 50's are coming! With an overhaul of big budget period TV shows and films infiltrating our screens, it seems appropriate that our airwaves should also have re-imaginings of times past. Now when we say re-imaging, we mean it. Where as these aforementioned TV shows are trying to replicate the exact feel of a time where half the world's population were not even born, 'The Minutes' are re-working it, giving a spin on what we know, to give us a little something of what we don't.

This little known three piece outfit from Dublin have spent a long time honing their raucous skills, and aren't we glad they did. Instead of publicly growing as a band, they have skipped the judging finger waggings of the musical press and lept straight into featured band territory.

Our focal song for these guys is the befittingly named track 'Black Keys'. Kicking off with a quick blast from a horn section gives this song a feel of Rocky about it. Clever again being that the video is a bout between two boxers. Devised before, or after the video? We'll leave that one for you to decide. A smart move none the less, leading  you into prominent drumming, setting a distorted tone for the two guitars, almost battling for recognition. A clever mix of vocals discects classic Rock N Roll and makes way for stylised melodic cunning in the chorus. Another modern element sneaking its way in a third of the way through is is your classic break down. Thinking it would throw us into some unheard adulterated guitar head spin, they utilised all of the elements throughout, highlighting them for their simplicity and overall "That sounds great". And guess what? It does!

Taken from their debut 'Marcarta' released January 30th through Dublin's Model Citizen records, 'Black Keys' is as punchy as you like, and if this is anything to go by, the album should knock your socks off! We're very much looking forward to it. Check the video below and see for yourselves.


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