The Sherlocks

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Tuesday 15th March 2016

Indie Rock quartet The Sherlocks are quite possibly the most hyped unsigned (at time of writing) band in the UK right now. They've taken some time out of their busy touring schedule to talk to a little to us about what makes them tick.

You'll be able to catch The Sherlocks playing at Dot to Dot 2016 over the May bank holiday.

The Sherlocks, were formed in Sheffield when brothers Josh (guitar) and Andy (bass) Davidson moved in next door to brothers Kiaran (vocals/guitar) and Brandon (drums) Crook’s grandparents. Bonding over their mutual love of football and music, the brothers formed a friendship, owing especially to their shared taste in British giants like the Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Libertines, Oasis and The Jam. After several jamming sessions that took place in the dying days of 2010, The Sherlocks were born.

As 2 sets of brothers, is there any family rivalry within the band on or off the stage?
No rivalry or fights at all within the band. We’ve had a few scraps with other bands over the years but not with each other.

Musically, your influences are definitely leaning on the Britrock side of things, (The Jam, The Libs etc), are there any slightly more obscure influences we wouldn't expect?
We listen to a lot of music, we love The Jam. Recently been listening to The Flaming Lips a lot in the van.

Or anything not music related that influences you?
Life in general is the biggest influence of all.

Currently you're doing your own headline tour, selling out venues up and down the country, before that you were supporting the Libs on their arena tour, which do you prefer?
Both are very important to us. It was amazing supporting The Libertines in such huge arenas, however meeting our own fans all around the UK is incredible!

Your latest single 'Last night' is out on March 4th, after that's released and the current tour is done, what's next for The Sherlocks?
We are off to the US for the 1st time to play at SXSW 2016. We’ve got some huge things lined up but we can’t say just yet.

Right now you are one of the hottest unsigned bands in the UK, are you looking for a label as they must be knocking at the door? Or are you happy with the DIY approach?
Everyone says we are the most exciting unsigned band in the country. Our manager is dealing with labels. We are just waiting for the right offer to come forward.

Can we expect a new EP or even an LP anytime soon?
We’ve got a new single coming out on March 4th called ‘Last Night’ which we know will get a big reaction.

Are there any subcultures past or present that you identify with?
We love the old punk scene, Sex Pistols big influence of ours!

If you could have any artist dead or alive cover you, who would it be?
Paul Weller would be an honour.

Having supported bands like Simple Minds, Reverend & The Makers, The Buzzcocks and The Enemy – in January The Sherlocks saw a meteroric rise in popularity whilst supporting the Libertines on the Northern leg of their UK arena tour.

Their debut single 'Live for the Moment' peaked at number 91 in Official UK Singles Chart, while their second single, 'Escapade', hit the charts at number 45. So far the band have sold out over 300 venues (and counting) nationwide – many of which during their recent UK headline tour in February.

Their Latest single 'Last Night' which you can stream above, was released on 4th March and the lads are getting set to play their first ever US show at SXSW this week.

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