Trouble Orchestra


Wednesday 11th June 2014

TROUBLE ORCHESTRA - with its rousing "Staub Der Straßen“ (feat. MARIE CURRY on vocals) an outstanding highlight of the current AUDIOLITH- Labelcompilation. The 7“-EP "Graupausen“ already introduced the band as hopeful newcomers and now, over a length of a full album, they dare the unthinkable:  the consolidation of  Hip Hop and Rock or respectively Indie and Post-Punk. But is that necessary at all? Unpleasant reminders on stranded crossovers of the 90s, rightly considered as dull nowadays, for sure are inevitable in this context. However, all the more astonishing it is, that the sextet comes up with something that is surprisingly innovative, representing a vibrant alternative to the past. A mutant out of left-oriented and intelligent Hip Hop and Indie, proving that rap can be great - if it is smart, brashly and close to life, without making use of any gangster poses.

Thinking of the critical left-oriented, self reflecting but still bounded to a spark of fun - attitude of the TickTickBoom Crew where JOHNNY MAUSER has its origin, a first idea of the approach of the boys from Hamburg can be gained. Free-spirited Postpunk reminding of bands such as ADOLAR or an indie guitar ethos, characterizing VIERKANTTRETLAGER for instance, can for sure be associated to the bands music. Moreover, produced in the LALA-Studio located in Leipzig, TROUBLE  ORCHESTRA prefers a rather playful and open minded handling of different genres and their corresponding limits. The fact that guitarist JAKOB, also in charge of the contrasting clear vocal parts of the album, worships the progressive Posthardcore era in his side project ZINNSCHAUER, perfectly fits into the particular context. Thus, "Heiter" combines a serious and clever Indie, Punk and PostHardcore understanding, known from Labels such as UNTERM DURCHSCHNITT, ZEITSTRAFE or KAPITÄN PLATTE, with an ambitious team that  does not restrict its music and groove to specific verse metre or rhyme schemes. Rhythm, melody, vocals and text interrelate in a way, allowing something great and new to come into existence that is highly seriously,  infectiously and simply stimulating curiosity.

"Heiter" is much more than merely a successful experiment. It is an album seeking innovative quality, not failing to succeed in this attempt. Thus, new ideas are not only tested but fully thought through to the end - without fear, with great euphoria, lifeblood and a collective attitude, far away from being vain.


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