Thursday 7th March 2013

Not much time has passed since the now Berlin-based band outfit Tubbe served its Audiolith-debut with the tiny little ElectoClash monster „Mess“, released as the most recent part of our Audiolith Single Club-series alongside a tune of their Indie flavored comrades in arms Fuck Art, Let's Dance! And available as a limited edtion of 7“ vinyl. Now the time has come for the Munich/Bavaria-formed project to unleash their first full length album named „Eiscafe Ravetto“ - a bilingual journey safely walking the line between rave ballads and full-on dancefloor fever, easily moving brain, hips and hearts. Both worlds are wired through the velvet voice and shining personality of lead singer Steffi Jakob who has been casted as front cover magazine girl even before the release of „Eiscafe Ravetto“.

And yet tracks from the album are topping the playlists of highly anticipated Indie dances and queer parties as well as on heavy rotation at several German radio

Not many bands are able to cut across these – mostly imagined – borders but Tubbe just certainly do it without any artificiality. Plus: they deny to fit into any schemes appearance-wise but secretly slink in to their fans dreams to paint them in a bright yellow colour that seems to be blue if one dares to take a closer look. Plus: they do dare to write their lyrics in German and English language which surely differs them from the norm.

Tubbe are puzzling and they truly love to play among their own shades, not only among but with as well. No matter if it's the melancholia-driven „Liebe.Fertig.“ or the anthemic „My Little Booze Problem“ - the songs of Tubbe work based on intuition not on formulaic structures and with audiences as different as different can get. They're able to hype the crowd playing the warm up for ElectroPunk acts like Bratze or Frittenbude, to make people happy in places like Berlins Fete De LaMusique, Munichs glamourous fashion shows and to rock mixed to queer to polysexual folks in front of the main stages built at several Christopher Street Days alike. Not to mention ultra-posh gay / queer-events, leftwing underground Techno clubs, open air events and even cool clubs abroad.

This crossover is one of the reasons why their song „Mess“ - the result of Tubbe's self-proclaimed return of rave - was on of the top 15 tracks featured at the German station on3radio in 2011 and well catchy songs like „Heute Oder Hier“ and „Bird In A Traffic Jam“ are referred to as a safe bet to fill its shoes within shortest of time as they're subtle well on fire.

Cat loving red riding hoods and early adopters are sure that Tubbe are one of the bands to be fairly appreciated way beyond any scenes in 2013, a diamond in a rough that's meant to shine on stages all over the place – in places where young lesbians join the floor alongside dayglo ravers, young MILFs and blog-addicted hipster cats. They're about to change a world that only can be turned into a better place after the epic fail of 2012s apocalypse – no matter if this world to be turned is here on Earth, on Mars or somewhere on one of the estimated 100 billion of planets in our galaxy.

And what about the name? It hasn't been changed to protect the innocent but still is a construeable thing. T.U.B.B.E. - an abbreviation or acronymic structure for your own emotion and imagination.

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