Wretch 32 - 'Forgiveness' Feat Etta Bond


Tuesday 15th November 2011

Now, this is not an artist we would so readily put up. Why? Well, we rarely feature grime, as do most other alternative music websites. Why again you may ask. Well, it's just not hip is it?! Well, aren't you a tad bored of indie this, electro that?! Well, we would like to put a spanner in our neatly finely tuned works today by featuring Wretch 32. Son of a reggae DJ, Tottenham born and bred and one of the freshest acts to explode out of grime scene this year.

Perhaps we are a little late in the game on this one, as after a touch of research, it turns out that this London born artist is getting quite the rep amongst peers and across the industry. Having worked with one of our Dot to Dot artists Ed Sheeran along with Tinie Tempah and Roehampton underdog Lowkey, he is going from strength to strength, joining Example on his UK tour and jumping on stage with none other than one of our previous 100 club legends, Mark Ronson.

Enough about the hype, we need to see some credentials. After watching this video, there is most definitely enough A's on his report card for immediate entry to the next level of the world musical academy. This track draws on many genre influences, which is why we think appropriate to add to our buzz bands. The intro piano is by many means touching on R & B, juxtaposed by a heavy synth bass, clearly referencing certain aspects of Dub step. Already an amalgamation, Jermaine Scott (Wretch 32) defies grime by sheer passion, held up by his perfectly articulated, accentuated accent. Words spoke with passion and belief draw you in ever more, a premier element of grime. Etta Bond offsets Jermaine's tone with the purity in her voice, sitting well on an ever-growing instrumental movement. There is such heaviness to the hook, that even through headphones, you want to crank it up to induce eardrum damage (That's 85 decibels, before it starts to hurt) but you wont care. This is a song that demands loud, which you will surely be impervious to deny. This is what it wants, and it will get it.

For all you cynics out there, check out the video below. Released on 11/12/11, it will not matter if you overplay, for it will just give you a thirst for more.


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