Charlotte Patmore


Friday 26th October 2018

Photo: Charlotte Patmore

Name, where are you from?
Charlotte Patmore, Wigan. 

Describe your style in three words?
Comfortable AND Practical. 

If you could photograph anyone from history?
Frida Kahlo, she's my hero. I suffered injuries from a road traffic accident too and learning about her strength was really inspirational. 

Another you? What job would you have done?
When I was little I wanted to be an Astronaut - like I really genuinely wanted to be an Astronaut. I had a phase where I only read books about space and stargazed. When I grew up before I found photography I wanted to be a fashion designer or a set designer. 

Which photographers inspire your work?
I always hate this question as I find photographers don't inspire my work visually. I find cinema or art more inspiring for ideas and visuals. Although when I was starting out one of my favourite photographers was Alasdair McLellan and I think a lot of that is because he's northern and sets lots of his fashion images against mundane northern scenery. People like Tom Wood, Martin Parr and William Eggleston capturing the every day in a beautiful way. That's what I'm aiming for when I'm on tour with a band, that fine line between documentary and cinematography, the rawness of reality set against the fantasy. 

You could photograph any three bands on the same bill? 
Brockhampton, Solange, Anderson Paak. They're just all really amazing performers who I haven't shot yet. I've seen Solange's live show a couple of times now and all her visuals are mirrored in the performance, that with the stage design and choreography is so breathtaking.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
Always have to say a Jamie T gig I went to when I was like 16/17 in Manchester. It was a stand out memory from being a teenager for me and what I love most about shooting gigs now is seeing kids experiencing that same feeling, you can see on their faces they will remember that gig forever.

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