Exclusive premiere of NRVS LVRS new video


Wednesday 18th February 2015

NRVS LVRS are a four-piece band from San Francisco citing references that include My Bloody Valentine, Eno and The Smiths. As you might expect, with a list of influences like that, NRVS LVRS make wonderfully noise-rich shoegazey tunes for the listener's audial immersion, and we are very happy to present the premiere of the video for one of the tracks taken from their new album, 'The Golden West'. The track, 'My Star Turn' and its inspiration are described by the band's Andrew Gomez thus:

"It's well-documented that many of the leaders and investors in this tech boom are just as odd, insulated, and profit-driven as their Wall St. counterparts, despite all their press releases touting the brave new world they're introducing. Many in this community are averse to criticism and can't deal with it well, so whole companies have emerged to help their customers stay ensconced in a self-deluded bubble. 

Bevin told me about a service that popped up that helps certain insulated and introverted people learn how to be more comfortable in social settings. A lot of the tactics sounded kind of psychopathic with the only goal being to get the client to appear human to other humans. There's a world of difference between teaching someone to be a more outgoing, more empathic person and showing someone how to trick others into believing their line of bullshit. So, we just imagined a class filled with these CEOs and wrote accordingly."

Check out the video below:

Find out more at www.facebook.com/nrvslvrs


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