Slow Steve


Thursday 26th February 2015

Slow Steve is an alternative psych pop project based in Berlin and is the outlet for Rémi Letournelle's song writing. After having spent a few years organizing gigs and performed under different names in his native France, Rémi moved to Berlin in 2010. He started to work at the concert venue Marie-Antoinette, in bars and promoting gigs. At this point he met Jonathan and JJ from the young band Fenster, who were jut about to sign on the label Morr Music. After a three week European tour, during which Rémi played solo shows as well as in Fenster every night, he fully joined the crew as a percussionist and a multiinstrumentist. Three mesmerizing years then followed, including intensive tours all over Europe and the USA, and the release of two albums on Morr Music, produced by the Greek producer Tadklimp.

Rémi and Tadklimp shared a mutual love of synths, loops and sexy beats and decided they wanted to work together more. Their first collaboration was the remix of "Oh Canyon", a track by Fenster, out on Morr Music. The name Slow Steve appeared for the first time on that occasion. The next step was a Slow Steve debut EP which they recorded in the same basement where Fenster's debut album "Bones" was recorded. Fully loaded with synthesizers and percussions, "STEPS" was recorded and mixed between Winter 2012 and Spring 2014.

Slow Steve continued playing shows (opening for bands like Blouse, Wild Palms or Dustin Wong), supporting Civil Civic on a European tour, joined on stage by his hometown friend Tetron. At this time Remi was also composing music for contemporary dance companies in Germany and France and as his live reputation of odd and stylish crooner and elegant lo-fi electronics grew, he got the attention of Thomas Morr. In 2014, Slow Steve signed on the Berlin based label Morr Music.

After playing a magical final show with Fenster at Jenseit Von Millionen Festival in Summer 2014, where they covered the nihilistic Slow Steve's hymn "Minuit" (and joined by old friends Aloa Input) Rémi is now ready to fully bring the Slow Steve project to life.


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