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Thursday 19th September 2019

In October 1982 Paul Weller shocked the world by announcing that The Jam would be no more. Following weeks of rumours, Weller released a statement as a personal address to all their fans.

“At the end of this year the Jam will officially be splitting up, as I feel we have achieved all we can together as a group. I mean this both musically and commercially.
 I want all we achieved to count for something and most of all I’d hate for us to end up old and embarrassing like so many other groups do.”

Weller then goes on to thank the fans for their faith and for what they’d built together. How he didn’t want The Jam to continue until they become meaningless like so many others before them. Over time, many have come to agree that his decision to end The Jam when he did - was the correct one.

The band then released their final single 'Beat Surrender' in November '82, a non-album track that went straight to #1. A final tour included a string of sold-out back-to-back dates at Wembley and a less than memorable show at Brighton’s Centre; their last ever gig marred by the audience throwing bottles and rubbish toward the stage.

In the full statement, Weller mentions how for him The Jam "stands for honesty, passion and energy and youth" and it is this dogmatic approach to music that led to 'Snap!' being heralded as one the greatest-greatest hits compilations ever.

'Snap!' was originally released in October 1983, almost a year after The Jam had split. Rick Buckler was part of his new group Time UK, Bruce Foxton had released his debut solo single 'Freak' and Paul Weller had teamed up with fellow revivalist Mick Talbot and had formed The Style Council.

'Snap!' bucked the trend of traditional Greatest Hits or compilation records, opting not just for a string of their most well-known and commercially successful tracks but by bringing together album tracks, singles, B-sides and (for the first time) all of their non-album singles too. They were then ordered chronologically and perfectly recount the story of The Jam and their astonishing 5-year career; from sharp-suited punks in 1977 through their spearheading of the Mod revival movement and into their soul and pop-infused new wave rock of 1982.

'Snap!' has been remastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and will be re-released on heavyweight vinyl as a double LP. Using original artwork and complete with gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeves and a free 'Live!' 7” EP. This is the first time the compilation has been made available on vinyl for many years. Following the 2006 CD release titled 'Compact Snap!' which only featured 21 of the original 29 tracks.

The 'Live!' 7" EP is available for the first time since the original 1983 release. It contains 4 tracks recorded at Wembley Arena during the Jams last ever tour in December 1982.

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Full tracklisting:

LP1 (Side A)
1. In The City
2. Away From The Numbers
3. All Around The World
4. The Modern World
5. News Of The World
6. Billy Hunt
7. English Rose
8. Mr. Clean

LP1 (Side B)
1. David Watts
2. 'A' Bomb In Wardour St
3. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
4. Strange Town
5. The Butterfly Collector
6. When You’re Young
7. Smithers-Jones
8. Thick As Thieves

LP2 (Side A)
1. The Eton Rifles
2. Going Underground
3. Dreams Of Children
4. That’s Entertainment
5. Start!
6. Man In The Corner Shop
7. Funeral Pyre

LP2 (Side B)
1. Absolute Beginners
2. Tales From The Riverbank
3. Town Called Malice
4. Precious
5. The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
6. Beat Surrender

7″ EP (Side A)
1. Move On Up (Live)
2. Get Yourself Together (Live)

7″ EP (Side B)
1. The Great Depression (Live)
2. But I’m Different Now (Live)

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