Night Thoughts

Tuesday 19th January 2016

Suede will release their stunning 7th studio album 'Night Thoughts' on January 22nd, the album will be accompanied by a feature film from acclaimed photographer Roger Sargent, released on dvd as part of a special album package.

Of the album, Brett Anderson said:

"We wanted to make the kind of album you’re not supposed to make in 2015. The kind you listen to in order and all the way to the end. Night Thoughts is about those moments when you wake at 4am with the walls of your life caving in. It’s an album about fear and love and loss. The film we have made mirrors those themes to create an interlocking suite of songs and images about the drama of the everyday."

The album, which features a full string section, was produced by long-time Suede collaborator Ed Buller. It was recorded at SARM studios in London and ICP in Brussels. Check out the track listing below:

1. When You Are Young
2. Outsiders
3. No Tomorrow
4. Pale Snow
5. I Don’t Know How To Reach You
6. What I’m Trying To Tell You
7. Tightrope
8. Learning To Be
9. Like Kids
10. I Can’t Give Her What She Wants
11. When You Were Young
12. The Fur & The Feathers

The accompanying film, directed by Roger Sargent and written by Steph de Giorgio, works a series of individual music videos that also, when viewed back-to-back create an overarching narrative story that perfectly intertwines with the new album.

'Night Thoughts' was premiered back in November when Suede the performed the album in its entirety with the film acting as backing visuals to their two performances at the London Roundhouse.

On the film, the director had the following to say:

"Suede and I have crossed paths a few times over the years. I sneaked onstage for their '93 Glastonbury show to get photos for NME... more recently I was asked directly to do some of the photography for the last album."

"I was asked to pitch an idea for this film project... I really had no idea what they were wanting or expecting so I tried
 to write in the least self-conscious way possible. The record deals with a lot of familial themes — life, death, love, anguish and despair; themes that are expanded upon in its visual companion, providing a study of how those elements affect
the human psyche. It resonated with me for many reasons, not least because my mother passed away a few days after I started writing a story for the film. The film starts with a man drowning in the waters of a deserted beach at night, as he fights for life, his mind plays out the events that lead him to be there."

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