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Tuesday 16th December 2014

Norwegian songstress Susanne Sundfør makes emotive, 80s-influenced synthpop. With luscious vocal stylings not too dissimilar to Kate Bush, Susanne Sundfør has previously provided vocal for M83's 'Oblivion', as well as for fellow Norwegian outfit Röyksopp

She has now unveiled her latested album Ten Love Songs  which is out 16th Feb 2015 on Sonnet Sound via Kobalt. Stream below to understand why the likes of Popjustice, CMU, The Guardian, MOJO and Fader are brimming with praise for it's irrepressible stark pop songs.

On Ten Love Songs , Sundfør bares all with epic results, and has arguably made her most compelling and fully realised work to date. She skilfully draws on the musical assistance both of new friends and old including Anthony Gonzalez of M83, Svein and Torbjorn from Röyksopp, her long-term collaborator Lars Horntveth of Jaga Jazzist, and the Trondheimsolistene Chamber Ensemble.

Ten Love Songs  begins with a lament and ends with a stark reminder of a world without love. What this album cost Sundfør we can never know but her fearless honesty and extraordinary talent makes this album one of the most compelling and anticipated releases of 2015.

The first tune from Ten Love Songs which was unveiled was 'Fade Away', with distinctive, wild vocals at the core, carrying the pain of two lovers drifting apart. The video, made by Swedish director Laerke Herthoni, is set in a dark and unfamiliar dystopia, finding Susanne in a dream-like state surrounded by passing silhouettes. This followed on from the remix EP with ‘Fade Away’ being reworked by Big Black Delta, Bjorn Torske, Coucheron and Maps. The track 'Delirious' has also already received a huge amount of coverage, with its dramtic, epic synth riffs building up to crashing drum loops, 'Delirious' is perfect synthpop with vocals full of heartfelt emotions.

Additionally Sundfør has announced her first London show in two years with a highly anticipated, and now sold out, show at Scala 3rd March 2015, as well as a string of other European dates. For full dates head to 

Ten Love Songs is available now on iTunes, on CD and vinyl.

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