The Wolf Colony


Friday 27th February 2015

Compelling songwriting and tasteful musicianship are the pillars on which The North Country stands. Over the band’s four years in Washington, DC’s freshly reborn DIY scene they’ve forged a reputation for colorful and raucous shows. Drawing initially from roots Americana music, The North Country take things a step further, weaving a vivid web of psychedelic tones and colors into their sound that are both distinct and invitingly familiar. In an age of disposable music The North Country are built to last, with rich musical and lyrical ideas wrapped up in catchy melodies. Lead singer and songwriter, Andrew Grossman, elaborates, "I think disposability is something that we unfortunately value in our culture today. A lot of the things we consume reflect this; it’s meant to be used once then thrown away. A lot of music I believe is made in this way as well. I don’t ever want to make something that’s disposable. I want all of our music to be something that someone would want to listen to over and over again and form a relationship with."

Grossman, crafts a musical fabric that is nuanced and affective all at once. We’ve all suffered heartbreak, we’ve all feared loneliness, but the music stands as a testament it was all worthwhile; the over-arching belief being: we’re all alone and confused so let’s be alone and confused together. Grossman, along with bassist Shaun Dubick, form the core of the band that dates back to their early days as a folk-rock quintet. Fast forward three years later, a little less violin solo, a little more delay pedal, and we reach the latest, most rollicking incarnation of the band yet. Drummer Michael Hernandez drives a groove that can turn from subtle to explosive at the drop of a hat, while guitarist and resident mixing engineer Ilia Kobrinsky brings an articulate and, at-times, aggressive touch that weaves an alluring texture into the bands musical fabric. The band recently recruited alto saxophonist Jonathan Parker to the band. Parker, best known for his work in the DC jazz scene, spent a good chunk of his early career gigging in Shanghai, China and brings his unique experience and uncompromising skill to the band.

As big believers that context shapes content, The North Country are happy to have their roots planted in DC’s vibrant DIY scene.


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