Fred Perry
x University of Salford Barrel Bags


We invited the University of Salford’s class of ’21 to redesign our signature barrel bag. The brief: ‘What is British to You?’

As part of Salford University’s BA Hons Fashion course, and in celebration of our new Manchester shop location, students have been asked to redesign the Fred Perry barrel bag using the brief of Britishness.

Exploring themes of community, subculture, music and heritage, we proudly display select bags from this project in our Manchester shop.

Erin Sloan’s Maypole Barrel Bag

“From pagan rituals to Glastonbury, music and the beautiful landscapes are at the heart of British festivals.”

“To create my bag design, I used D-rings and grosgrain ribbon to mirror distinctive features from festivals, including the ribbon tower, one of Glastonbury festival’s landmarks.”

Isobel King’s British Seaside Barrel Bag

“My concept is based on the British seaside and the impact they have on British culture – from the brightly-coloured retro looks to the novelties surrounding a trip to the seaside.”

“I was inspired by a classic staple to the British seaside – rock stick candy – for my designs. I took inspiration from the multi-coloured stripes, but also the text on the end of the stick. The cylindrical shape also resembles the barrel bag, so putting the two together made a lot of sense to me. I created a few variations of the stripe with colours from my colour palette, but also played with the idea of having the Fred Perry logo situated in a similar way to rock candy, across the edge of the bag.”

Yasmeen Wilson’s Notting Hill Carnival Barrel Bag

“From rom coms, to housing some of the most wealthy neighbours, to the chaotic carnival, Notting Hill is a melting pot of class colours and creeds. It’s a great representation of British culture as Britain would not be as it is today without it’s history of multiculturalism. I think it’s something worth celebrating.”

“Notting Hill may be a gentrified area however it remains unified – through music. Notting Hill encompasses everything it means to be British to me.”

“I have incorporated the Fred Perry logo throughout as each person in the crowd is wearing the Laurel Wreath on their garments. This expresses the inclusivity of not only the brand but the UK. The print conveys the unity and spirit of the UK derived from research imagery of Notting Hill Carnival – an iconic festival full of celebration, on the classically British streets of Notting Hill.”

Millie Leicester’s Breakfast Barrel Bag

“It doesn’t get more British than builders having their full English in a local greasy spoon. Dusty cloths, work boots, women in aprons, and hair scraped back. A fried breakfast full of fat washed down with a builder's tea is the best way to start your day.”

“My final design is made up of hints of a greasy spoon café. Bacon straps, sausage handle, fried egg end and a gingham tablecloth pocket. Keeping the structure the same and the Laurel Wreath intact allows it to stay true to Fred Perry and be a classic with a fun twist.”

Discover the barrel bags on display in Fred Perry Manchester for a limited time.