Director: Talia Beale 
Stills Photographer: Blue Kizozo  

We explore London’s experimental scene with Talia and friends.

We asked Talia Beale, artist and musician, to document a segment of London’s youth scene; an ever-evolving underground community who are fully embracing experimentation. 

An ‘All Our Tomorrows’ alumni from back in 2021, where she played the 100 Club alongside friend and collaborator, Nia Archives, we were excited to view the capital through Talia’s unique lens. 

Following a day in the lives of musicians and artists Veles, Marley, SHEIVA and KEYAH/BLU, we see how they get ready for wherever their night takes them. From the intimacy of getting ready at home to the rituals of performers and how to mentally prepare for spontaneous and sweaty mosh-pits. 

“Exploring a segment of London’s current youth culture scene has truly felt like documenting my second scribble of a home.  

Once a teacher told me: ‘you are part of something important and you won’t realise until you’ve outgrown it’. From creating this docu-content film which features a few of my amazing and whacky friends, I’ve realised we’re in an era where there is actually no defined subculture. We’re no longer one thing anymore since we often represent and dabble within multiple tribes and interests - all the time and all at once. But one thing that glues us multi-faceted kids together is that go-getter attitude and yearning desire. To me, this ever-evolving underground community is a place for experimentation. Where raw stories, otherness, self-discovery, dream making, creativity and authenticity are nurtured the most.” Talia Beale 

With special thanks to Academy Film.

Thanks for letting us in to your world.