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Fred Perry
x Nylon


We celebrate Nylon’s two-year anniversary with a Subculture Live in Shanghai

DJ Shackup paved the way for the night, with a bass-heavy set to kickstart the event. Support was provided by Britpop-inspired, Orange Ocean and the new sounds of So Far So Good.

Then indie/electronic four-piece, Fool and Idiot rounded off the evening. Their signature ambient sounds a testament to Shanghai’s progressive music scene.

DJ Shackup
Orange Ocean
2KM - Orange Ocean:

<p>“I’ve been wearing Fred Perry Shirts for a while now. The brand was recommended to me by the owner of a house I lived in. He was like ‘You should wear some proper shirts since you’re in a Britpop band.’ Then he wrote down the name Fred Perry. I’ve been wearing them ever since.”</p>

Fool and Idiot
Cai Weize - Fool and Idiot:

<p>“As a young band, we have plenty of time ahead of us. We can try new things out and be bold. I think young people should be more open-minded; not necessarily try new things, but be open to change and embrace new experiences as they happen.”</p>

So Far So Good
Boxi – So Far So Good:

<p>“Our best live performance was at Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival. It was our first time at the festival and we just went for it.</p> <p>“I like wearing Fred Perry because it’s both sporty and modernist. I started wearing it a lot when I was around 16, 17 in the U.S. It’s something I always come back to.”</p>