Fred Perry x Adish

May 2022
Words by Hana Yaqoob

Introducing our first collaboration with Israeli-Palestinian owned brand Adish, fusing classic Fred Perry pieces with traditional Palestinian craft techniques.

We’ve joined forces with Adish, an Israeli-Palestinian owned brand pairing contemporary silhouettes with traditional Palestinian craft techniques. Combining traditional Tatreez embroidery with our classic Fred Perry styles, the five-piece collection highlights the unique craftsmanship of Palestine and pays homage to the region’s skilled artisans that have passed down the craft through generations. 

Adish was founded in 2018 as a collaborative effort between Israelis Amit Luzon and Eyal Eliyahu, Palestinian-American artist Jordan Nassar and Palestinian Ramallah-based Qussay K. Their mission: to counter the erasure of cultural heritage through helping to sustain Palestine’s traditional craft.

The five-piece collection features our signature Twin Tipped Polo Shirt alongside the Taped Ringer T-Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt, Track Jacket and Track Pants. Each piece has been sent to Palestine and reworked by local women who’ve meticulously handcrafted traditional motifs and cross-stitch embroidery known as ‘Tatreez’ into each piece. The technique, distinguished by its rich textures and colours, is a centuries-old art form, passed down from mother to daughter as a symbol of female strength across the SWANA region.

Launching Thursday 26th May, the collection will be available to purchase exclusively online at