Fred Perry x Nicholas Daley


Catwalk images by Nigel Pacquette, taken from Nicholas Daley's show 'The Abstract Truth'

Backstage photography by Zoe Lower

Photography by Bolade Banjo

Menswear designer Nicholas Daley explores the interchange between two key British subcultures: punk and reggae.

A mutual interest in the intertwining of contemporary culture and traditional craftsmanship brings Fred Perry and Nicholas Daley together.

Both celebrate the various British subcultures which have existed in Britain, and simultaneously explore their intertwined connection with music and fashion. Together, our strong links between like-minded collaborators cross paths on many occasions.

Influential musicians including John Lydon, The Slits and The Clash have inspired the collection, as well as modern day talent such as Obongjayar and Young Fathers.

"My name is Obongjayar. I’m from Calabar, Nigeria. I’m a musician and maker of all things."

Describe your style in three words:

In 3 words, it’ll be - comfortable, sustainable, sharp.

How would you describe your music?

That's a tricky one, I feel like my music is still describing itself to me. I’m deciding what I’d class it as but for now I’ll say it’s Post Afro.

How does living in London inspire you today?

Living in London has been really potent for my creativity, the access, the people, the diversity, and the energy of the city keeps me going.

What new music/bands are you listening to?

There's quite a few, but I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Sault, Porridge Radio, and Jerkcurb - as far as bands go.