Le Fix, Denmark

November 2021

We shine a spotlight on some of our most exciting independent stockists around the world. This time, we’re in Copenhagen, catching up with Le Fix founder Benny Bee.

What’s your name and connection to the shop?

My Name is Benny (most people call me Benny Bee). I'm the founder and the designer of the Le Fix Brand which is sold in our multi brand store and on our webshop.

Tell us where you are

Le Fix and I are based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

How did the shop come to be?

It was a way for us to play with our universe in a kind of gallery of our own.

Describe your shop in three words.

Art, Streets, History.

What makes your shop so special?

We mainly work with brands that have a history and mix it up with our graffiti world but in a sophisticated way.

Pick a song that represents your shop.

At the Moment I’m back at The Verve’s - The Drugs Don’t Work.

Tell us something not many people know about your shop?

We were a clothing brand for 12 years before the multi brand shop opened, so it kind of happened in the opposite way to normal.

Who are your favourite independent neighbours – your record shops and live music venue?

I’m very happy with our neighbours A. C. Perch which is a 186 year old tea company serving amazing products. In terms of music stores I mostly buy vintage vinyls at a shop called CAN. I simply can’t stop buying records. It has become a kind of addiction for me.