Corbin Shaw

Best known for his exploration of identity through the medium of textile, East London based, Sheffield born artist Corbin Shaw uses his upbringing in the South Yorkshire ex-mining town to investigate masculinity and all its complexities and nuances.
Exploring the rites and rituals of British youth, and the concept of getting ready for what comes next, Shaw reimagines the Fred Perry Shirt with two unique iterations.

“Fred Perry is the one brand that truly feels a part of my growing up. In the North of England there's something magical about it. Whether it was the older boys in town or my parents at Christmas, that polo shirt throughout my life has been worn by everyone for every different reason and every occasion. It's dressed so many landmarks in my youth.” Corbin Shaw

"I hope that the shirts can resonate with people's own relationships to the polo. I like the idea of the two shirts existing together like two siblings, one just leaving school and ready for the summer, the other on his way out to town with his favourite aftershave on.”

“I wanted to capture the confusion of youth but also its freedom.”