100 Club Recommends - May

May 2024
Illustration by Cameron West
Photos by Chloe Ackers

We’re back with a new playlist for May and this month we’re delighted to bring you a Northern Soul special. Curated by Ruby, Jeff and Lisa at the 100 Club, Ady Croasdell who runs the club’s legendary all-nighters, plus our very own Isaac from Fred Perry Manchester.

Curated by two generations of Hortons from our beloved 100 Club, this month we celebrate the joys of Northern Soul – from its foot-stomping beginnings to its glorious resurgence – with the help of Ruby, Jeff and Lisa. We also bring in song choices from Northern Soul aficionado Isaac from Fred Perry Manchester, plus the legend himself, Ady Croasdell, who runs the 100 Club’s legendary Northern Soul All-Nighter – an event going strong for 45 years.

Our playlist artwork by Cameron West takes inspiration from Northern Soul DJ’s getting ready for their next set.  

Put this playlist on before your next night out – it makes the perfect soundtrack to get ready to. Plus, read more about some of the top choices below.

The Hytones - Good News - Jeff: "Good News by The Hytones is probably my favourite Northern Soul record ever. Let me say now that I’m no expert on the genre but I did get a good education on Northern Soul from Ady Croasdell and his band of amazing DJ’s at the 100 Club from the mid 80s onwards, and I know a great song when I hear one. For me this single is 3 and a half minutes of pure joy, amazing vocals, incredible melody and a chorus to die for. The addition of vibes in the rhythm section makes such a beautifully subtle impact too. It’s just a great record.”

Frankie Valli - The Night - Ruby: “Such a classic Northern Soul tune, one of the ones that will always get people dancing.”

Esther Phillips - Just Say Goodbye - Lisa: “This was my gateway disc - it wasn’t too fast so even I managed to dance to it. There was a big Northern Soul girl working at the club, Jet, who loved this song and taught me how to dance with it.”

Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Loving - Lisa: “Nothing more beautiful than having a whole room of people clap at the same time."

Frankie & Johnny - I’ll Hold You, UK Decca – Ady: “The first record of this to be played by DJ Ian Clarke at the Yate all-nighters in the 70s was found in a waste paper basket in a flat which later housed 100 Club owner Jeff Horton for several years! A slow builder, the Scottish duo sing their hearts out on a fabulous British production and arrangement.”

Carla Thomas - I’ll Never Stop Loving You, unissued Stax recording on Kent 45 – Ady: “This is always the penultimate record played at the 100 Club Northern Soul All-Nighters at 5.55am. Highly emotional and sensual, it gives the all-night dance survivors goosepimples and a fitting finale to a great event.”

Melvin Hicks & The Versatiles - The Intruder, Billy Terrell production on Kent Records – Ady: “This was a recent discovery on a one-off test pressing from 1972; those rarities are still out there to be found!”

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