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Free shipping on all orders across Egypt

A Subculture Live in
REXKL’s converted cinema,
Kuala Lumpur

Photos by All is Amazing
November 2019

We round up Malaysia’s finest musicians with a subculture live in our new pop-up space.

Housed in an impressive disused cinema in Kuala Lumpur’s Jalan Sultan district, our pop-up space is part of REXKL’s initiative to give communities a new lease of life. Taking advantage of the space’s huge capacity, we hosted a Subculture Live, rounding up some of Malaysia’s hottest musical talent. Our one—day festival provided a taste of the country’s diverse music scenes, with indie-rock, psychedelic funk and electro-pop.

Malaysian newcomers Pastel Lite and The Times played alongside local ska legends Gerhana Skacinta. RYÖT JONES’ jazz-heavy sounds got the crowd ready, paving the way for indie-rockers Oh Chentaku, Maso and TOKO KILAT, with a DJ set from Bunga & Chaseylain rounding off the night.

Our REXKL pop-up shop is open until April 2020 - visit us now for a limited time.

Kuala Lumpur’s beloved old cinema gets a new lease of life
The Times