Thursday 8th September 2011

Airbag are a powerpop & punk rock trio from Málaga (Spain).

After 5 great records released on the spanish indie label Wild Punk Records, many songs in compilations around the world and many long tours all over their country ( Spain ), they finally reached the top of quality with their new album, “Manual de Montaña Rusa” ( “Manual of a Rollercoaster” ).

Their positive point of view of punk rock ( close to the Ramones sound ), their love for surf music and sixties pop melodies, their great harmonies, and also their ingenious lyrics, made them one of the most interesting indie bands in the Spanish scene. Their sound transports us all the way to California, but they sing in Spanish, what it makes them special. They talk about summer, girl trouble, daily situations, ralationships, comic books, movies or underground subculture in general.

“Tráiler” is the first single of this new record, with a catchy chorus and beat featuring Mai Meneses ( Nena Daconte ), the other song we can hear in advance is called “22”, and it remains us some bands like Weezer or Rentals.

Airbag's 6th release contains 12 brand new tracks on CD or VYNIL, it is full of happy bopping pop punk songs and powerpop anthems. the great quality of the recording was taken care of by one of the best producers in Spain, Carlos Hernández, who took care of the recording as well as the mixing and production of this album.

“Manual de Montaña Rusa” is going to be released next September on Wild Punk Records. Fasten your seat belts.

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