By Rosie Matheson

Thursday 14th February 2019

Rosie Matheson is a UK photographer based between London and Brighton, her ongoing series titled BOYS, which started out as a hobby, has since developed into an internationally recognised series of intimate portraits that explores the subtlety of modern masculinity.

Rosie initially set out wanting to examine how young men express themselves physically and emotionally in their everyday lives. A subject matter she felt comfortable photographing as she developed her personal style. The low maintenance shoots meant she could just walk, talk and try and develop a connection with the subject matter. This subtle approach allows her to capture real, honest moments within her portraits.

The project has now been running for over three years, Rosie has built up a body of work that portrays young men from all walks of life, all over the world. Managing to capture sensitive portraits that show the complexities and nuances of modern men. Her work thoughtfully documents the current zeitgeist as the traditional ideas of masculinity and gender roles are being challenged.

Rosie's portrait of Elliott (view in the gallery below), taken at a skate park in North London, won her the Portrait of Britain Award in 2016 and helped invigorate the project and kickstart her career, going onto shoot editorial campaigns for high profile clients as well put together and book and exhibition on the Boys project.

The film, originally funded on Kickstarter, was made as an extension of the original photographic project. It was intended to challenge the audience’s original assumptions and interpretation of the boy’s in the photographs. By giving them a chance to be heard and voice their own opinions and definitions on masculinity and the social expectations that come with being a man.

Made exclusively on Kodak Super8 film it was a collaboration between Rosie and London film-maker Kaj Jefferies and was shot, edited and directed by both of them.

Check out our playlist & interview with Rosie here.

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