Tuesday 6th September 2011

One of the absolute highlights of the second annual North Coast Music Festival, held over Labor Day weekend in Chicago, was Lotus, an electronic jam band formed over a decade ago in Indiana and now based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A mostly instrumental outfit, Lotus takes elements of down-tempo, trip hop and other forms of dance music and anchors the machine-made sounds with the solid aural weight of live guitar and drums.

The band made its recorded debut with 2003's Germination on the Harmonized label, and stuck with the imprint for 2004's Nomad and 2006's The Strength of Weak Ties. Lotus self-released a pair of albums in 2007, the live recording Escaping Sargasso Sea and the remix collection Copy/Paste/Repeat, before signing to the label Sci Fidelity and releasing Feather on Wood and Oil on Glass (both in 2009).

Sci Fidelity will be releasing the new, self-titled Lotus album on 13 September on CD, double vinyl and digital formats. Stateside was able to preview a few tracks, both live and recorded versions, from the album and can highly recommend the sticky hip hop workout "Golden Ghost," "The Surf," which marries a world-weary vocal to shimmering keyboards, and the crowd-moving "Blacklight Sunflare."

Lotus has already booked some festival dates in Amsterdam for early next year, and will be on the road in the states through late November, 2011, with shows scheduled in Boston, Portland, New York City, Burlington, Vermont, upstate New York, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Baltimore.

Find out more at www.lotusvibes.com


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