Monday 9th December 2013

As with most new artists, their first foray into public display of their music is uploading the track to Soundcloud and seeing if a few blogs pick up on it. In the case of Lxury's debut single, it came in the form of a stamp of approval from none other than Disclosure's BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix a couple of weeks back and now a confirmed single release on the duo's affiliated Method Records.

With that in place, J.A.W.S. had its standalone play on Annie Mac's return to Radio 1, uploading the track to Soundcloud, he hit 100K+ plays in 2 days and is now striking over 380K plays in under a month. Not bad for your first piece of music online but that's testament to the strength and sheer purposefulness of the track, once it's got its hooks in you it doesn't let go and you have it on repeat.



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