Pete Mckee

New exhibition ‘This Class Works’

Thursday 22nd February 2018

'5.15' by Pete McKee which appears in the 'This Class Works' exhibition.

South Yorkshire artist and illustrative documenter of British Subcultures of the last 50 years, Pete McKee, has revealed the details of a new exhibition for 2018, two years since his last show.

‘This Class Works’ is an exploration and celebration of the working class. Different to anything he has done before, the exhibition will be a collaboration between Pete and fellow artists, filmmakers and photographers who share an affinity for the UK’s working class.

The exhibition will be on display from 14-29 July 2018 at 92 Burton Road, a huge warehouse space in Pete’s hometown of Sheffield.

Pete explains: “It’s been two years since my last show ‘6 weeks to Eternity’ at Magna which was an incredible experience for me and all who were involved and attended. During that time, I have been through a lot personally with my transplant operation but have continued to work wherever I can, so to now be at the point where I am ready to show the world my latest work, about a topic I am extremely passionate about, is a fantastic feeling.

I am delighted to be working with a range of other very talented, creative people in order to present this new exhibition which aims to re-address the unbalance that currently exists in media and society. Unbalance that seems to deride and tar the working class as lazy, selfish, needy, ignorant, intolerant, worthless and the cause of all society's problems.

It’s important for me to show the spirit of the working class; the pride, hope, fight, passion and resourcefulness that has been their foundation. I grew up on a council estate the youngest of four. My dad was a steelworker and my mum a factory line worker and everyone around us was as poor as we were, practically everything in our house was bought on the never never, half my clothes didn’t fit and the other half had been previously worn by someone else.

I look back on those times with fondness of how we seemed to survive on tenacity and an unfailing hope that better was around the corner. I want the exhibition to highlight the nobleness and dignity of the working class, then and now and for those who visit this exhibition to leave exhilarated and enlightened to its beauty.”

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‘This Class Works’ runs for 16 days only and visitors will need to buy a ticket and book a time slot to visit the exhibition. Tickets go on sale on Friday 23 February at 10 am. 

Tickets for the exhibition cost just £5 which includes a copy of the exhibition programme. 
Under 12s are free, and there is limited availability for school trips.

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