Tuesday 20th November 2018

Introduce yourself
My Name is Reef, 24 Years of age born and raised in Sarawak., Borneo. and I'm a tattoo artist.

Describe your style in 3 words?
sunday morning brunch.

What does the Fred Perry Shirt mean to you?
It reflects strong traditions, firm beliefs and pride in a movement where the outcasts are the incasts.

When did you first start tattooing?
I started tattooing at the age of 20 in 2014, on my parents' car porch.

What was the first tattoo you got, and the first that you've done?
The first tattoo that I got was lettering that read 'MUSIC', it didn't turn out well so I figured I could do it better myself - that was what ignited the idea to start tattooing. The first tattoo I ever put on someone was a peace logo, done via a hand poked method.

Tell us the story behind your favourite tattoo...
If we're talking about the tattoos on my body, I don't really have any particular one as every tattoo has a different time memoir to me. I would say that my tattoos do remind me of my experience getting it. When I first started tattooing, the only way to learn fast was to get tattooed yourself. And each tattoo taught me a different lesson, especially just by talking to other tattooer which I look up to the most.

What was the first song you played on repeat?
My first love on music was 'In The End' by Linkin Park and that was also my very first Band T-shirt!

Who is your ultimate British musical icon?
British Icon, that would be The Beatles, I mean who does not love The Beatles? Just because how they like to be direct and simple with the way they compose their lyrics. Secondly, I would go with The Kooks, they are also great to listen to on my off days.

What was the best gig you've been to?
Incubus '8 Tour' was amazing, just watching them playing the song that change your life was surreal!

What inspires you?
Working with different kinds of artists or even different strangers that you bump into everyday inspires me in a way.

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