Don Broco's new rock music playlist


Monday 14th October 2013

Don Broco are one of the hottest rock bands on the new music scene, holding even Arctic Monkeys off of the number 1 spot in the iTunes Chart with their "You Wanna Know EP". To help mark the success the band have put together this playlist of some of their current rock favourites, guaranteed to help blow away the Autumn cobwebs. You can watch the videos and read about the tracks below, or listen to most of the tracks on Spotify at the bottom of the post.

1. Scholars – Blinda Data

We've known these guys since we started the band. They're pretty local to us so we used to play a lot of shows together, and just released their debut album which is an absolute corker.

2. Lower Than Atlantis – Go On Strike

We went on tour with these guys when they first started playing this track and it proper kicks off!

3. Decade – Brainfreeze

These guys are really smashing it right now. We took them out on tour back in April and they blew everyone away.

4. Young Guns – Bones 

We toured Europe for the first time with these boys last year, such a good few weeks. This is the title track from their latest album and was used as the last Wrestlemania's theme song! Quality!

5. Deaf Havana – Boston Square

This song is a real paradox – a great upbeat melody paired with dark, haunting, sad lyrics. It’s a real progression from their last album and the whole of Old Souls sounds massive.

6. Sons & Lovers – King

These guys' guitarist used to be in a metal band so quite a departure for him. Phenomenal tune!

7. Bury Tomorrow - Lionheart

Here's another band we played some of our very first shows ever with. Was great to see them on the same rotation with us at Reading and Leeds this year and they absolutely destroyed the main stage. No messing around metalcore.

8. Mallory Knox – Lighthouse

Hands down one of the best tunes of 2013. We took these guys out on tour and they killed it every night. Mikey has a great voice and this song is just such a massive anthem!

9. Bad Rabbits - We Can Roll

This song has so much swagger it’s unreal. Essentially a disco/funk tune played by an insanely talented rock band, absolute must on our tour playlist.

10. Jamie Lenman – Fizzy Blood/Pretty Please

Reuben are one of our favourite bands and this is the frontman's first output since they broke up in 2008. Back on the wagon complete with handlebar tashe, Jamie's first song of this duo is pure brutality, the second a pop/swing number.

You can listen to most of the tracks via Spotify here:

"You Wanna Know" is out now - Find out more at or watch the video below:


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