East India Youth - "Hostel EP"


Friday 5th April 2013

We've learned how surprising Factory Floor gigs can be - legend has it no two are ever the same. It appears one such gig, back in Autumn 2012, has indirectly led to acclaimed independent new music site, The Quietus forming their own record label, Quietus Phonographic Corporation.

The first output on the new label will be East India Youth’s "Hostel EP". As you might expect from this ambitiously independent project, it's not quite like anything else on the current scene. That said, it doesn't throw the pop rule book out of the train window, to then insult the listeners ears with a jarring collection of unfinished self-indulgent ideas. Far from it! There are moments on this record, where it could be argued, that this is the record that Soft Cell would make if they were to release their debut in 2013 - "Heaven How Long" has definite moments of Marc Almond/David Ball brilliance (listen below).

East India Youth (aka 22 year old William Doyle) has mastered the full widescreen effect that escapes so many in the world of experimental electronic pop, and you only need to look at the waveforms that depict his tracks on Soundcloud to realise that he is fond of dramatic crescendos. The most extreme example of this, is undoubtedly "Coastal Reflexions", a ten minute track that sounds like it was designed as an alternative soundtrack for the closing scenes of Quadrophenia, charting Jimmy's drug tinged train journey to the coast, before a euphoric outburst and an abrupt end.

Hostel EP track listing:
Looking For Someone
Heaven, How Long
Coastal Reflexions
Heaven, How Long (Oh The Gilt Remix)

You can preorder the 12" (expected 15th April) from Rough Trade here, Piccadilly Records here, and Recordstore here.


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