Thursday 7th July 2011

There is some revolutionary  news circulating the grapevine at present, the world of music as we know it is evolving, or, you could say, de-evolving. Don't panic, in no way shape or form is this a bad thing. in fact, it is something we have been craving (especially at Subculture) for a long time now. If you are ready for it, then let the truth be told. New wave is back...ok, have you finished rejoicing? Neither have we! There has been a fantastic resurgence of late and most notably at the top of that list is Finnish band French Films set to re-spark our love for all things post-punk.

Joining the likes of Twin Shadow, French Films have unselfishly released their debut album Golden Sea on GEA records, and what an absolute treat it is! It seems that finally, long time new wave fans have got sick of modern synth pop grunge surf lets chuck another descriptive word in there for affect bands! They have given us a slice of early 80's nostalgia, reverberating our love for Joy Division and firmly keeping the spirit of god old Ian Curtis alive!

The ability of Johannes voice and the way he utilises it for a universal audience is astounding. Not to be biased, but there is a very british sound to his vocals, his intonations and inflections are familiar to the English ear. This could be totally unintentional, or, like many international artist, just be down to a globally resonating delivery. For all those unbelievers out there, check out the video and see for yourselves.


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