Wednesday 29th June 2011

Nottingham born Liam Bailey has roused some seriously high profile ears of late. Signed to Lioness Records, the imprint label of  soul sensation Amy Winehouse, Liam has just joined Jessie J on her UK tour. An appropriate time then to release his second EP, 'It's not the same' straight off the back of arguably one of the biggest industry selling tours so far this year.

The new EP reiterates why Miss Winehouse took a shining to this English soul artist. A noticeable element when listening to the two is that their voices are the prominent benefactors on each track. The Music sits neatly beneath solely to compliment vocals. The refreshing aspect about this EP though is Liams' intuition to the music, knowing when to adjust his own style to lay along side the music, he can work it both ways, a sign of an intelligent vocalist willing to adapt.

Each track has an underlay of well placed woo-ing harmonies, gently strummed sunny electric guitars and muted bass. Think of twilight on a cool summers evening and this EP sums it up perfectly. A worthy contender to Norah Jones heartfelt and meaningful delivery. Playing a string of festivals this summer, come rain or shine, there's one thing for sure, he will put a smile on your face.

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