Friday 28th May 2010

Masquer are a swedish rock band from stockholm formed in early 2009 by singer and keyboardist Kicki Halmos and guitarist Pelle Lundqvist. Kicki and Pelle, best friends since early teens, have played together in various line-ups with other swedish musicians such as Axel Willner (aka The Field). Kicki is also a member of swedish pop duo Lowood.

Masquer's characteristic sound is sprung from the frustration of being trapped within the slowness of earlier music projects with the classic rock setup, the lack of progress turned into a source of inspiration.

Suddenly without a drummer, the drums were programmed and the bass lines became an integrated part of Kicki’s synthesizer, both elements a large part of Masquer's characteristic simple yet large sound. The production is low budget and direct, everything is recorded in the rehearsal studio and Kicki's bedroom. The finishing mixes are made in Kicki's living room.

They list of influences includes are The Cure, Sonic Youth and Cocteau Twins.

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