Old Fashion ladies


Wednesday 20th July 2011

Old Fashion Ladies is the band that will give you a taste of what good old rock'n'roll should sound like.

From their "40 years of rocking history" influences (Led Zep, Deep Purple, Queen, Aerosmith, Radiohead, Queens Of The Stone Age, Rage Against The Machine, Muse...) to their unfailing determination to be creative in the arrangements and production of their music, they've gathered all the components needed to deliver a rock-solid EP that will foreshadow the release of their upcoming wall of sound : the album. Available asap!

And though they enjoy spending time in recording studios, carving jewels out of the rock, they also happen to be a monster of a band to see on stage, both powerful and refreshing. As told above, all the ingredients are here: fat, ugly riffs, fancy guitar solos, overwhelming choruses...

They're just cursed with talent. You might want to hear them. It's all here, and it's all yours.

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