What’s your name?
It’s Raphaella... and I’m gonna stop there, otherwise it’ll be the length of the interview…I’m Persian

Where are you from?
North London, Whetstone…nobody has ever heard of where I’m from, it’s like North of the wall Game Of Thrones style.

What do you do?
I am a singer, songwriter and producer

Describe your style in 3 words?
Persian, synth, fiesta

How should you music be listened to?
Anywhere to be honest, because I think music should just grab you wherever you are as long as you hear it and feel it - anywhere in the world.

What do you miss about home when you are on tour?
Definitely my Mum’s cooking. She went to catering school so I have absolutely no chance when I’m around her… she cooks a feast.

What British music icons inspire your sound today?
James Blake - I’m obsessed with him and everything he does.


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