Sink Ya Teeth


Monday 13th January 2020

Name, where are you from?
Gemma & Maria from Sink Ya Teeth, Norwich, UK.

Describe your style in three words?
M: “The eighties called…”

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
G: Throbbing Gristle, RE-TG - London Astoria 2004. I didn’t really know what to expect as I didn’t know much about them - I’d only heard 'United (The Lone Swordsman Remix)', 'Hamburger Lady' and 'Hot On The Heels Of Love'. It was a real eye-opener and an inspirational, unforgettable gig. It was more like an installation and soundscape than the kind of gigs I was used to going to. I felt pretty lucky to be there.

If you could be on the line up with any two artists in history?
M: Siouxsie and The Banshees and Grace Jones. I love people who are unapologetically themselves. These women are living gods. Both have had a profound effect on me, both artistically and philosophically.

Which subcultures have influenced you?
G: Punk and disco were where post-punk got a lot of its sound from, so I was influenced by proxy as post-punk was a great influence on me. I love the dancey, disco drums, angular rhythms and jagged, prominent bass lines from bands such as Gang of Four, ESG and Bush Tetras. But also the late '80s/early '90s dance scene which I grew up around and absorbed without realising it - until recently!

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
M: David Bowie, without a shadow of a doubt. I’m obsessed with '80s/'90s Bowie in interviews. He’s like a guru or something! I once dreamt I met him at a village fete. He was selling cakes on a stall. I was like “I thought you died man!” And he was like “Oh no, I just retired. Have a Battenberg”…I’d like to hang out and talk art and philosophy and have a giggle.

Of all the venues you’ve been to or played, which is your favourite?
G: We both love the Norwich Arts Centre in our home town, both to play it and to watch gigs in. It’s a real nurturing place for new and young bands, and it’s where we both played our first ever gigs. The beer is good too!

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music?
M: My mate Emily Winn! She has one of those rare voices that stop people in their tracks when she sings and she’s a really beautiful person inside and out. She’s just started a new band called ‘Fresh Flowers’ but there’s nothing up on Spotify yet, so this is from her previous band Sargasso Trio.

Sink Ya Teeth will release their aptly named second album 'Two' on Friday 28th February 2020 via Hey Buffalo Records. This will be celebrated with a hometown show at the Norwich Arts Center the next day.

You will also be able to catch the duo at a hand full of dates throughout March too. Full details available at

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