Thursday 14th July 2011

The Beaus are to Doncaster what the Arctic Monkeys are to Sheffield. This three piece from Yorkshire have catapulted themselves on to the scene, using their own intuition and marketing skills to promote their EP's through self released interviews, giving a captivating insight into their origins and inspirations. Being so clued up at such a young age can only mean one thing, these guys will be big. Either through pure grit and determination or simply by their undeniable talent, we can only assume in a month or two, our airwaves will be bombarded with their clever stylings.

Doya, Danny and Mitchell head up a unique fusion, blending ska, hip hop and on the cusp over articulated spoken word. By saying over articulated is not an intention of criticism but merely an applaud to the bravery of Doya's vocals. Their eclectic list of influences from Faithless, Roni Size and Wu Tang are almost non apparent. Drawing on different genres is something bands have done since day dot, yet for The Beaus to suppress any sounds they may have cited as inspiration is a rare skill.

It is not unusual for a particular sound to be recreated shortly after it's birth and dwindling death, however, it is usually a good two decades before this is attempted. What The Beaus have done is rekindled our love of the early 2000's new wave indie scene. Clearly growing up at the time when the Rakes and formerly mentioned Arctic Monkeys hit the ground running, it may be unintentional, but the similarities hit you in the face like a post gig hangover.

Following up from their 2010 EP 'Cappuccino Swagger', 'All's Well that Ends Well' is released through Circuit Records on July 25th.


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