Thursday 14th July 2011

A little known band of late, The Moment were prominent figures in the Mod revival scene back in the 80's. In this decade we tend to remember bands such as The Clash and The Jam being at the forefront of pioneering Mod culture, however, this may be about to change with the rumour that the band are working on a new LP.

If you can cast your mind back, those old enough to remember (not saying that if you can you are old, just that here at Subculture we understand we have a broad readership and don't want to exclude anyone) then you may recall tracks such as 'In This Town and 'Ready To Fall'. Forming In Suffolk in the early 80's, 'The Moment' worked with a handful of seminal producers in their time including Paul Bevoir and Edward Ball. Pat Collier and Will Birch worked magic on 'Sticks and Stones',  laying foundations for the bands cult status.

The last few years have seen a number of artists from the Mod movement rekindle their musical prowess and regroup to tour, not always necessarily creating new music, but championing their wonder years. With 'The Specials' hitting up arenas nationwide this summer, we can only hope 'The Moment' follow trend and pull on those old piques to give us a slice of nostalgia. Fingers crossed for the new LP, let's hope it is sooner rather than later.


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