Warm Brains


Friday 8th July 2011

Due for release later this month is the new AA side single from Warm Brains a.k.a Rory Attwell of Test Icicles and KASMS fame. 'Let Down' and 'Stone To Sand To Glass' are the first insights to what will be the much sought after debut long player, 'Old Volcanoes' out this Autumn on Marshall Teller Records.

Attwell has become know as a prolific producer in his own right since the days spent recording and touring with his two previous bands. Working under the moniker, Brattwell Recordings producing underground and emerging bands such as Male Bonding, Fair Ohs, Veronica Falls, Cold Pumas and Holy State has finally encouraged Attwell to spill his brains and work on pulling his own ideas together.

"I've always been a fan of upbeat, danceable, messy indie rock" Attwell states of the new single. "I think musically it shares similarities with American Alt. rock bands such as a more upbeat Sebadoh or Pavement track… but with a more British sensibility and a trademark dour English vocal delivery to balance out the frivolity".

'Old Volcanoes' will be the product of six months of self-penned, self-performed (with the exception of a few vocal collaborations) and self-produced material from Pallet Recording Studio which is co-run by Attwell and Tom Vek. Below is a little taste of what's in store...

Warm Brains - Marble Arch by divisionpromotions

To promote the new single, Warm Brains will be playing a string a live dates (of which can be found on his website) with Joe Ryan from Fair Ohs and Anna Jones from Exeter punk band Brothers.



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