Akane Utsunomiya

Photos by Ittetsu Matsuoka

Japanese designer Akane Hasui founded her label in Tokyo a decade ago. Our collaboration fuses the DNA of both brands as she plays with pattern and proportion, reimagining classic sports pieces to create a unique collection.

Exploring the area Akane personally grew up in, she revisits Komazawa Olympic Park, inviting the photographer, Ittetsu Matsuoka, to bring a romantic touch to the area she was born and raised.

“I always keep energetic women from around the world in mind as I create my collections.” Akane Hasui

“Traditional patterns seem to be interpreted as a "sign" in the modern world. I see traditional Japanese patterns, such as checks, are also recognised all over the world.

As a little girl, I had the opportunity to wear clothes with argyle patterns, but I recognised them as the signs of "argyle pattern". It is interesting to see how people perceive traditional patterns depending on the time period and regardless of the origin.”

“The main location for this shoot was Komazawa Olympic Park. I wasn't born at the time, but this is the park where the Tokyo Olympics were held in the 1960s. The Olympic Games were scheduled to be held in Tokyo this year, however they are postponed.

I often choose locations that are related to the place where I was born and raised. Komazawa Olympic Park is a memorable place that I recall myself going to almost every week since I was a little girl. So, everyday life is photographed with a bit of a romantic touch to it, thanks to the help of the photography team.”